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MS20 Stencil Printer

Mechatronika MS20 stencil printer enables manual application of solder paste to PCB via metal stencil.

Solid machanical construction ensures a constantly high printing quality even for fine pitch technology. Four axes independent movements of printing table gives quick and precision set-up. Ease of operation makes it useful for small and middle lot production.



Solid mechanical construction with non backlash sliders

Independent adjustment in four axes

Micrometer adjusting screws

Good price to performance ratio

Technical Specs

Window in stencil frame: 295 x 325 mm

Adjustment range

X,Y axis: +/- 12.5 mm Z axis: +/- 3 mm

Table rotation

+/- 30 deg

Adjusting precision

X, Y, Z axis: 0.01 mm
Dimensions and weight
600 x 400 x 400 mm, 20 kg

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