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MM600 Semi-automatic Pick and Place System

Mechatronika MM600 is a semi-automatic pick and place system for SMD components, that also allows dispensing of glue or solder paste on PCB.

Ease and precision of operation are supported by ACCUPLACE targeting system with optical indicator. Bulk material as well as taped components can be processed. CAD layout data can be transformed into placement data.

MM600 is specially suitable for prototyping and small volume production.


semi-automatic and manual mode

ACCUPLACE system ensures reliable components placing

45- position carousel feeder

built-in microprocessor control unit with USB port for attaching data storage devices

TEACH-IN programming or data transfer from CAD

interface for Mechatronika automatic tape feeder blocks

good price to performance ratio

Technical Specs

placements area 240 x 280 mm

Component Feeder

bulk material:automatically indexed carousel feeder with 45-90 compartments
manual indexed tape feeders(option)
automatic tape feeders(option)
component positioning by ACCUPLACE targeting system
automatic tape feeders
manually indexed tape feeders
Data transfer from CAD
Dimensions and Weight
590 x 810 x 350 mm
Masa 20 kg
Power Supply
230 V, 50 Hz 25 W

Air Supply

0,6 MPa

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