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Automatic Soldering Robot MSR 400
Mechatronika MSR400 soldering robot is a professional machine for automatic soldering THT components on PCB boards. MSR 400 is equipped with high precision soldering head with detector of contact between soldering tip and PCB surface, soldering tip tension sensor and built-in solder iron controller. Each soldering joint may have its own soldering profile. The soldering parameters are stored in the freely programmable Library. The efficient control system of the MSR400 is based on LINUX platform. Soldering coordinates data can be transferred from GERBER CAD data files to minimize change over time. Position of PCB in the working area is determined by automatic vision detection of fiducial points. Combining with very intuitive interface HMI it makes an efficient use for R&D application, prototypes and regular production.


programming in Teach-In mode using the top camera or import GERBER CAD files

automatic recognition of Fiducials and Bad Marks

automatic detection of PCB top surface level

soldering tip tension sensor

four axes soldering

automatic iron brush cleaning system (optional jet system)

good price to performance ratio

Tech Specs

Soldering Iron
Power: 90 W (other power on request)
Temperature of a soldering tip: 150 - 450ºC
Stroke spring axis: 10 mm
Vertical angle of soldering iron: 0 - 45º
Solder feeder
Diameter of solder wire: 0.5 - 1 mm
Feed speed: 0-30 mm/s
Detection of solder wire
X/Y/Z/Θ Unit
X/Y move area: 400 x 330 mm
Z axis travel - 70 mm
Theta rotation: 315º
Resolution of X/Y/Z axes 0.01 mm
Vision system
Vision guided teach-in system
Automatic fiducial correction
Automatic bad mark sensing
Control Panel
LCD 17’’ screen
Data import from GERBER CAD files
Jet cleaning systems
Dimensions and weight
750 x 700 x 1550 mm ca. 130 kg (on stand)
750 x 700 x 800 mm ca. 70 kg (bench-top)
Power Supply
230 V, 50 Hz, 300 W
Compressed Air Supply
0.6 MPa (for optional iron jet cleaning)


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